No sound after update to 2.729


I just updated Volumio to the latest version using the web UI. Since then no sound, even though the settings seem to be correct. I have got Khadas tone control and it is set.

can anybody help how to sort it out please?


I connected Mojo Chord instead of the Khadas, set up in the output device and it did work. However after swithching back, Khadas, no sound again. Is there a way how to roll back the update?

So after finding out that Khadas is OK (playing from laptop) I did the factory reset. After struggling with enabling Tidal (I pay for the correct plan in MyVolumio) it does work now and it’s on the newest version at the same time.

However I’m not happy with this SW at all. I cannot recommend paying for MyVolumio and struggling with that every now and then. I have no ambition to become an expert in this area, in my opinion it is too expensive when you have to fix lots of issues around it on your own. I’m gonna look for alternative SW.

Please get back on what you decide on for a replacement. I’m having similar problems with 2.729; software doesn’t see my music library although it is mounted (readily seen by Linux command line), and while it displays all the internet radio stations none will play.

People say Roon is excellent, but it needs a paid subscription and has significantly higher hardware requirements (Intel NUC instead of Raspberry Pi for example).
Another software similar to Volumio is MoOde, it’s meant to be more mature and stable, some also claim it sounds better. It runs on Raspberry Pi and is set up the same way with an image on a micro SD card.
It’s quite similar to Volumio (I think they started from the same software base), and uses the same player foundation. Personally I found the interface annoying and not as easy to get on with as Volumio.