no sound after update to 2.285

I am using a V-90 DAC.
The former configuration was ‘Output Device=Hifiberry DAC, DAC Model=Hifiberry DIGI’.
After the update to 2.285 these parameters were different (I cannot remember what they were). The result was no sound. It might have been a localization issue for the parameter ‘Output Device’ in german language. I saw someting containing an ‘_’ within the combobox. Perhaps a changed it to the wrong one.

Now I changed it to ‘Output Device=Hifiberry Digi, DAC Model=Hifiberry Digi’ and the sound is back :slight_smile:. Does my current configuration make sense at all, using a V-90 DAC?

Regards, Oliver

If your V-DAC is connected using SPDIF, yes :wink: