No playback with Justboom Digi to Schitt Modi 3+ with coax cable

Hey everyone,

I recently bought the Schitt Modi 3+ to run my coax cable from my JustBoom Digi to it. But there currently no playback. I have a RPI 3B. I have selected the Justboom Digi as my output DAC. Any ideas how I can get this to work! Tried switching cords but still no progress.


Hello Pete,

I also have a JustBoom Digi on a RPI 4, connected to a Cambrdige Audio Magic 100. Both, COAX and Toslink work for me. What do you mean by switching cables? Still the same port? Maybe try to use the optical port. Do you get sound from your DAC when you use another source such as your phone?


Thanks! Problem solved. The DAC is working. It seems like there was an output problem from Tidal. The cursor was moving on the player with no sound. I tried another source and it all worked!