No playback since 2.672 version installed

hey there,
I am running Volumio on a Usbridge (sparky), since last update (2.672) I can play anything from Tidal nor Qobuz…
got access to these services, i can select an album, a song … press play but nothing happens (despite album, songs being added to running playlist).

I need to do a factory reset for the playback to operates properly …

Any known issues with this last update (2.672) ?

Thx for ur help

Did some tests but no succes having Tidal nor Qobuz playing … Web radios did not play neither… this last update (2.672) does not seem stable
If I do a factory reset (version 2.513)… tidal and qobuz work ok … but this is an old version, missing lot of improvments

Any leads to make this last update to work properly more than welcome