No playback, MPD error?

I updated my PI firmware from SSH which I later found out is a big no no for Volumio.

Suffice to say it has broken Volumio. I’m not getting any audio playback at all from locally mounted drives or Tidal. I think it has something to with the following error in

Feb 26 07:10:13 volumio volumio[760]: error: MPD error: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED /run/mpd/socket

I’ve tried starting fresh and flashing a new Volumio image with no luck. Any ideas short of buying a new PI?

No need to dump your Pi. I know it is possible to up- or downgrade a Pi’s firmware. Not sure which version to recommend for Volumio, as that’s something that Volumio does automatically.

Current firmware on my v3.198 Volumio system:

  • Firmware Version: Jan 6 2022 15:39:30 - 58e03c94953762222f2b838390dde54d46c38381

If you revert to that it should be fine.

Thanks SimonE, using the hash value of your firmware version

rpi-update 58e03c94953762222f2b838390dde54d46c38381

After a reboot everything is working again. Thanks for your help!