No more Volumio for Sparky?

I just noticed there is no download link for Sparky SBC anymore. Has Volumio stopped supporting Sparky?

Ps. Funnily I just noticed today, precisely when I switched my Allo USBridge for a Rpi4…
Ps. I guess the number of Sparky users was dismal to continue developing Volumio, but anyway it’s a pity.

Yes, we decided to focus on a small numbers of platforms. Considering the ongoing effort on buster, we prefer quality over quantity for now.
So we dropped the platforms which have less users… There is still the chance of community portings

Totally understandable. Thanks for the quick reply.

download is avaible here, but maybe not supported.:

Thanks @judydudi - I have moved on, now on Rpi4. But I wanted to give this change some visibility for those who could be still using Sparky.

okay. it looks like existing sparky users are still being supplied with updates.

Sparky’s hw/ kernel combination is too old, we tried to migrate the Volumio version to buster, but to no avail.
It is one of only two fails we have with all official supported and community supported devices.
Kernel support for the Action Semi s500 based Allo board was already dropped years ago, Allo has no chance to do anything about it.

I’d like to reinstall Volumio on my Sparky Usbridge. Is there a link to an old version of Volumio I could use ?

The link provided by judydudi appears to be broken.

Link working here.

@Balmoral the link does work, just tested it. Try from another device.

Sorry, this link works indeed. For whatever reason I had to copy/paste it to make it work. Thanks!

It’s an understandable move indeed, but it would have been more elegant to leave sparky users with a working version of tidal connect. I recently bought a sparky board, just subscribed for volumio, but won’t probably stay with it with a questionable support and missing essential features. Please consider doing a final release with working tidal connect. Thank you.

“Please consider doing a final release with working tidal connect” +1
I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Totally untested… Only for the braves

In any case, for those who have a Sparky my suggestion is to upgrade to PI4

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Great gesture, I think it will be appreciated @volumio by the Community (assuming it works ok ofc :smiley: ).

Love you man. Much, much appreciated. Thank you, will report back how it works.

Unfortunately my Allo USBridge (which is a really great USB transport with Sparky in same housing originally) isn’t compatible with any Pi.
So the suggested upgrade isn’t easy… :frowning:
Moreover I have three units at home.

That’s really unfortunate neukrisz. I’m sorry, but can only point you towards Allo for support. :unamused:

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Tested or not, supported or not, it looks rock stable so far on my Allo USBridge. I used dietpi + some command line tidal connect plugin so far, but this is a cleaner user experience. I’ll most probably stay with you guys for a year of Volumio Virtuoso after my trial period ends.

Thank you once again! :metal:

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You re very welcome guys. Enjoy!