No bluetooth and cd playback after update to 2.668

Hi all,

As a MyVolumio Superstar user i can’t get bluetooth and cd playback to work after upgrade to 2.668
The 3 buttons in sources are ON but INACTIVE appears near the buttons.
The maximum of rpi’s i used are 2, both 3B+ with Hifiberry Dac’s.
Before the update both of these options work with no problems!
I deleted the older image so i can not downgrade. The page with older versions of volumio still not working.

Can you plz give me a solution fot this?



older images:

Many thanks for link to previos versions! :smiley:


I am facing the same issue i.e. bluetooth doest works. Thr first update I did, it worked but Tidal wasnt working, so I flashes the update once again in a fresh mode. Now Tidal works but bluetooth shows On but in Inactive state. Please guide


Downgrade to version: …
Do a fresh install!
Upgrade then to 2.668 and everything works !! All is enabled!

Hope the guys at Volumio fix this bug…


i found another solution, without a clean install.

Sorry guys, it was a stupid mistake on our end. There’s a new version out which fixes the issue.