No artist art


I installed Volumio and made it access by music library.
I can access all my music, but there is no artist art.
there is album art, as contained in the mp3 files, but on the artist level, there are only star-symbols for those artist Volumio seems to recognize, and people-icons for the other ones - see the screenshot:
artist list.png
This is Volumio 2.575. I had seen artist art in earlier versions of Volumio, but do to new hardware I had installed from scratch, and can’t seem to get the artist art back in that version.


Hi Srthones,
I have exactly the same problem, on previous Volumio setup everything was working.
After an sd corruption I reinstalled everything and now all artist arts are missing.
Some of them are replaced by a star, some others by 3 white profiles (if I am right these are the artist arts that were not found on

Any suggestion?


Its the same for me. I hope somebody could help us!

good to hear that others see the same issue (well, not really good, but at least it looks like a general issue with the system).

FYI, the issue has also been posted to the gitter forum:

Same for me after a new installation.
Please investigate.


Same here… :cry:

I have the same problem with a fresh install (Volumio 2.586 2019-06-04). It used to work before. It seems my SD card is fine, and I also have a working internet connection (web radios are OK).

I’m not sure if this problem only occurs with fresh installs, as I’m experiencing the same behaviour on both my PI 3s which ran Volumio and all of its updates flawlessly for the last 12 months or so.

Here’s the reason:

Last.FM Have stopped 3rd party applications from retrieving artist art using the API :<
Volumio used to retrieve online artist images from the most popular image on using the artist name.

Here’s the link: … 8oefw5vrxq

“Last.FM API Announcement”
“We’ve made changes to our API in order to limit abuse and improve the service for everyone, in line with our API Terms of Use.”
“While we allow API users to have access to a lot of data through the API, it has always been against our API Terms of Use for third parties to use audio, audiovisual, images or artwork. In some instances, some data may have been indirectly accessible through a small number of API calls, and so as part of the recent API clean-up, we have corrected that anomaly.”

That’s too bad! I hope there will be a fix in the near future. Maybe there’s a chance to scrape the artist art from other sources (e.g.

Any update on this? I’d really love to setup a new Volumio device soon and getting all the artist art on my initial library scan would be great! :slight_smile:

Maybe this gets fixed with the next update?

seemingly not fixed as still having this problem, 4 months now at least its been the same

Am I mistaken or was the latest update on 11th Sep meant to fix this? I’m sure I read it in the changelog, mine is still blank?


Nice. New update release (v2.609) repair missing artist image ! Perhaps, purge your cache browser ?
But when some are missing, is a way to add image for an artist ?

User of volumio (Pi3B+ USB DAC + Naim Nait 3 + DynAudio) since 2 months, i like it. Great job.

Thank’s a lot @TeamVolumio.


Go to settings, my music and click clear albumart cache

Thanks Michelangelo, I did t think of doing that!! My bad, I’ll do this when I get back from my birthday trip away

Hello everyone,

Any update?

I still have the described issue.