Newcomer problems - Day 1

I recently started using Volumio 3 (premium trial period), but I immediately ran into a few annoying bugs:

  • Shutdown simply doesn’t work
  • I can’t delete a previously added artist from my favorites
  • Spotify plugin: Go to artist + Go to album doesn’t work
  • Spotify plugin → “Browse view” is sometimes completely empty (after restart it’s ok)
  • Plugins → Plugins management: Please login / To access the plugins store you need to [login to MyVolumio], while I’m already logged in…

HW+SW stack: Rpi 4 8GB / Volumio 3.198 / Allo Boss 1.2

This is just day 1. What can I say, it’s a little daunting.

As for the plugins, this is community work, you may get more information from the authors.

What do you mean with this?
There have been cases where a shutdown, for some reason, takes up to a minute or so after indexing a library.
Try it again, reboot and see whether it is consistent.

What is confusing is that after turning off Volumio via Android client, the spinning Volumio icon does not stop. But as far as I can judge, the client is probably shutting down. Anyhow, the UX is not top notch.

ah, now you are mentioning the android app as part of this, would have been better to mention that from the start.
Stops us from guessing :wink:

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