Newbie: help on HDMI small-size display

First, thanks everyone for sharing simply incredible projects, I’m learning a lot!
Still, I’m a noob, with decent DIY skills, but no soldering capabilities.
I’m working on a basic Raspberry Pi + HiFiBerry setup, that will be placed in a dismissed CD player case. I’d love to add a display to show song info and artwork, but the HiFiBerry HAT is occupying the entire GPIO slot, and I’m not feeling comfortable with the soldering required to wire a display to the board.
Any chance I could use the HDMI port to hook a small-size display to the Raspberry?
Thanks in advance!
Ciao, Massimo

Then maybe have a look at DSI connected screens like e.g. the 5" DSI display of Osoyoo which is also available as 3.5". These displays should only require the Touch Display plugin to work.

Thanks. I was also looking at screens from Waveshare, like this one, then I’d need a flat / ribbon HDMI cable… that seems more costly than the screen itself. :confused:

Waveshare also has DSI screens but it seems that the brightness of the 4.3" display can only be regulated via PWM whereas the 5" Waveshare and the Osoyoo screens allow adjusting the brightness by software (AFAIK).

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So my next screen will be 5.0 waveshare if I can control brightness via sw.
Thanks for info

That’s at least what Waveshare’s wiki says. I don’t have that screen, so can’t speak from my own experience :wink:

Understood the message.

DSI screens seem the way to go. Anyone can point me to DSI ribbon cables? I need at least a 20-30 cm cable.

It’s nothing too special, I would just do a search on the internet. From where you order might depend on your location.