Newbie from swansea

Hi Im Gerry from Swansea massive music fan had a basic streaming system then picked up a Pi3 and dac hat and case .I set it all up and run it via a tosh lead to my Hi-Fi dac so I now can stream spotify and have a huge collection of flac music files on a nas . My current system is a custom made set of valve mono blocks custom Sl1210 deck ,custom valve phono stage ,Beresford dac ,Creek evo cd player and Dali Zensor speakers .
The main reason I got into streaming is being able to listen a artist before getting it on vinyl but it is now a 50/50 split between lps and streaming and cds now.

Hi Gerry,

Welcome on board. Nice setup you have there!


You have a dac hat feeding your HiFi dac? Doesn’t makes sense to me.

My nas and router are one side of the room my HI-FI is the other side about five metres away so using the tosh line as a way of connecting to my HI-FI dac to save running more than one cable .I have a passive pre amp so the only way I can think of to connect and play through my system