Newbie from Oxfordshire and Free Hi-Res link

First, like so many others, I want to thank Michelangelo and everyone else for such terrific work. I have just installed volumio on my PI-2 and it just works - unlike anything else I tried. Apart from thanks I will make a donation and would like to encourage anyone else. Apart from time and effort the developers need cash to live!

First thing I listened to was a free Hi-Res download from 2L in Norway - Marrianne Thorsen playing the best version of Mozart Violin concerto in D that you will ever hear. In my opinion 2L are the leading company in modern recording technology. The have a great “test Bench” where you can download (for free!) eighteen different tracks in a choice of eight different formats including surround sound. Her is the link


Thank you for the link,
I’m downloading Mozart. I 've got a test playlist with different type of music / reocrding and I will add plenty of other files !