New User Question - Limits?

Are there limits to the number of NAS connections I can create in Volumio? Are there limits to the number of mp3 files Volumio can index? I have a rather large music collection and I wasn’t sure if I would overload Volumio if I added everything to the NAS database. I just got Volumio up and running today on my Raspberry Pi with a Hiberry + DAC addon. I added a NAS connection back to my Windows share on a folder that has only two mp3’s and Volumio found and indexed those without any problems. I’ve added more NAS folders and Volumio is updating the database now, so it may be a while until everything is indexed and visible in Volumio.

Good question !
I also have a lot of music folders. I also asked a similar question. have to update each time the entire contents of the library, which is located on a different device.
But received no reply…

UPDATE! It works! Volumio indexed my entire music library!

I don’t know exactly how many music files I have, but there are a lot of them. Here is a breakdown of what I have and what I’ve done…

I have the new Raspberry Pi 2 with the HiFiberry + DAC and Volumio on a 64GB flash card. I have a Windows server that I made my media server with a shared folder named Mp3 and 20 sub folders named for different music genres (Rock, Blues, Pop, etc.). Last night I added 20 NAS connections into Volumio. I was a little worried that Volumio wouldn’t index the entire collection because as I added large folders such as Rock, the web GUI lost connection while Volumio was updating the database. BUT I’m pleased to announce that this morning I checked, and Volumio has indexed my entire music collection. I could not be more pleased.

I’m a Sonos user and I have the RPi/Volumio plugged into the line-in on my Sonos Connect Amp. This setup fixes 3 major shortfalls of the Sonos system… 1. Sonos will connect to a Windows file share but is limited to 65,000 music files (according to the Sonos forums). 2. Sonos doesn’t offer outdoor speakers. My Connect Amp is sitting in my home office with a pair of speaker wires running from it, up through my attic and out to my back patio and connected to a pair of outdoor speakers. 3. Sonos doesn’t offer support for Apple Airplay, but there it is now. I have Volumio as an Airplay option on my iPad and iPhone.