New life for my old CD player

Hi at all!
I completed my new project:
Volumio into an old CD player case.
Internal there are:
Hdd for Flac
CD-ROM for player CD
Power supply 220v to 12 cc and 12 to 5 volt converter for all peripherals.
On off board whit RC timer for shutdown all, later PI go out.
3,5" touchscreen HDMI and peppymeter
Ir controller and led play status.
The musk is stainless steel laser cutter.


Nice result !!! Great !

Especially the stainless steel front panel! Where did you get it ?


i made an dxf file and later, from my friend, i cutted whit laser.

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Wow! Iā€™m really impressed. Looks like a million with that front-plate. Reminds me of my TV-amplifier, Burmester 101.

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thank u