Need help configuring Mpdroid and MPod

Hi all!
I’m in love with my raspberry pi and volumio and till now i comunicate with them using the webUI.
Everything goes very well but … i’m not able to control volumio by any smartphone.
I have one android smartphone that i’d like to use with MPDroid and on Iphone 3GS that i’d like to use with MPod.
I had tried to insert the informations necessary to connect to the raspberry pi but without any success.
Can someone please help me by giving me the only necessary informations to insert (and in which field) on Mpdroid and MPod with a raspberry pi/volumio standard setup?

For example in MPDroid what value for:

  • host?
  • port: 6600 is ok, right?
  • password?
  • streaming host?
  • streaming port: 8000 is right?
  • streaming url suffix?
  • shoul i use WLAN based connection or Default connection settings?

Thank You all … i feel so … stupid? :unamused:

If you want to use MPDroid you only have to name the “Host” with the IP of your Raspbian (ex:
there is not more to do.
But you can also try This new APP by digx: sound@home …available at the google PlayStore.

EDIT: at “WLAN based connection” you have to find your WLAN for your phone first

Thank you Erl, tomorrow i will try! :unamused:

New version of MPDroid is out!
Now web radio is supported.
It is the perfect app for MPD, runs fast, stable and very pleasant to use! This both on the phone and on the tablet.
I’m excited.


Super … as long as i dont need multiroom support i will youse MPDroid.
Its fast and clear !

I have the same problems with MPDROID…

My android phone is connected to my Wifi and I enter the IP address of my Raspberry and I can’t establish the connection…?

Is there any other details?


I only used the default connection and stored the IP address of my Volumio. That’s all.
If your Wifi uses another IP range as the standard Ethernet, an inter-zone routing must be set up. (Port 6600)
The same applies to the streaming port (port 8000)

If the Wifi and Ethernet are in the same IP range, you only need the IP address for the default connection. That should be enough.
For me MPDroid works perfectly!