Need guide for creating a wifi bridge on raspberry pi

I know that following question/topic is a bit off-topic but I will still ask, I am sure others encountered the problem.

I am currently trying to use Volumio2 but Wifi does not work to my satisfaction. Since I am having another spare Pi here, I would like to try to set it up as WIFI-to-Ethernet bridge and hardwire my Volumio over LAN.

Now my question(s): Has anyone successfully done that? Does anyone have a nice guide? I tried it a few months ago and the setup didn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

Use the create_ap script
on your extra Pi. You can also try running it on the Volumio machine, using a bridged configuration on the command (but I’m not sure how reliable it is)

To make it simple, I suggest you to get a reliable wifi dongle. The official WiPi is great, and I suppose other dongles using a Ralink RT5370 chipset would work for sure. I would avoid the Realtek 8188xxx since they require a special modification (I’ve had a bad experience with them).


Thanks dror for the link.

I will give it a try. I wonder if the AP can also be a wired one because I want to wirelessly connect my extra pi with my home network (I do have a good dongle ), and share that connection over ethernet with my volumio pi. That’s what it’s capable of?