Need A Guide to installing Volumio on PC HDD

Is there a ELI5 guide to installing Volumio on the HDD of a PC? I don’t use the PC and literally want it to boot into Volumio as that will be the sole purpose of the PC, so I am happy for the existing Windows installation to be completely wiped.

I’d rather not buy an SD card when I’ve got a perfectly good hard drive not being used for anything else.

Thanks in advance!

ELI5 guide?

You could try the Volumio 3 beta 3.101, it has a nice and very fast diskcopy function in the System menu.
Volumio 2 has it as well, but is hellish slow and throws an error in the end (which could be ignored, the pc will boot anyway).

You burn the image to a usb stick or external usb drive.
Then boot the PC from usb, takes a little time before the UI comes up.
Just accept all default in the wizard.
Then use the diskcopy function, aftwards poweroff and remove the usb stick and boot.