Nanosound CD Plugin - CD Drive


im building a “Jukebox” with a RPi 3+, a waveshare-display and a volumio (and an old Radio to put it in). Im almost “done” with the Display and Volumio part.

Now im looking for the right cd drive.
Nanomesher recomends this one: DVR-XU01C (Pioneer DVR-XU01C 8x-speed USB 2.0 external Slim Portable DVD Burner)
I can find and buy this one: DVR-XU01T (PIONEER DVD Recorder, USB 2.0, 8x/6x/24x, Slimline Portable)
I think this would also work (I think most USB-CD-Drives will work with the pi if they dont need extra external power?)?

Is there an externa USB drive, which would work with the rpi, which can be really “driven” out with a “motor”? Like a “normal” CD-Drive from an PC, not jumping out mechanical like the external ones?

Its just because it would look and feel a lot nicer for the Jukebox.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!