Nag in the morning - WLAN

Dear Community,

every morning I want to start my favourite station on internet radio I hear - nothing.

After following these steps it will be working:

  1. Klicking top right - then on ‘network’
  2. Scrolling down to ‘DNS-Server’
  3. Klicking on ‘On’ then ‘OFF’ then ‘SAVE’

After this procedure I again choose the radio station. Now it plays perfectly.

The raspberry is connected via WLAN and it is running 24/7. Maybe the short blackout in the night - when provider changes external IP - is responsible for this bug…

Anybody got an idea?


Hard to tell without logs, does a reboot help as well? Possibly the change causes the dns cache to be flushed, where after it resolves again. Can you post some logs? :slight_smile: