NAD D3045 wakes from standby (and won't enter standby) when Volumio is connected via USB

I recently set up Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I hooked it up to my NAD D3045 via USB.

The D3045 wakes from standby whenever the Volumio Pi is connected and powered on. As long as Volumio is physically connected and powered on, even if there’s no music, the D3045 thinks there’s a signal and won’t standby. If I disconnect the Volumio Pi, and only use Optical1 (from my Airport Express), the system goes to standby mode correctly.

This could be a bug or limitation in the NAD D3045, and I’ve opened a ticket with NAD, but I thought I’d run it past you all here.

What do you think? NAD issue? Volumio issue with USB? Let me know! Cheers!

Technically it is not an issue. Nad detects +5V on usb rail which is always present when connected. My topping e30 never goes to sleep if only rpi4 with volumio is connected/

Ouch. Sounds like its more of a bug with NAD… it doesn’t help to have a system that has standby and wake from standby if USB always wakes it. They should be looking for signal over the USB instead.

Thanks, I didn’t think Volumio had any control over this!