my volumio

Hi all, my first post here. I have been using Volumio 2 for a while now with rpi 3b, allo isolator, allo boss and allo relay attenuator. I have always had issues trying to scan my library without using Logitech media server. I was so happy that there is now support for Tidal with Volumio and the timing is the best as I have recently discovered Tidal, was using it with Amazon fire tv stick.

After installing, started the pi up and set everything up and scanned my music library with no issues, no need for LMS. All I can say is, WOW! my system has never sounded this good! Thank you so much for adding this feature.

Now to the glitch that I have noticed, when changing volume on the playback interface, the time scale resets to zero for the track that is playing. That is the only problem so far but I still can not believe how awesome the sound quality is.

Thank you very much for this feedback!
Working to fix the seek issue

Not a seek issue, it is when changing volume up or down the time scale (indication on the left of the playback interface) resets to the beginning of the track, as if the tack has started but the music is not affected it carries on playing. Also another issue recently experienced, playing a playlist from Tidal and suddenly the music is taken over, I think playing the music from the hard drive, but then Volumio stops responding. Have to pull power for it to restart to get control back.

I installed the latest Volumio 2.502, formatted sd card for rpi and new flash. I am still experiencing the same issue with the time line, was this issue supposed to have been rectified or is it still work in progress?

Still WIP :wink:

Okay, thanks for the info, I am looking forward to the fix, can not wait.

Thank you for this fix, it seems to be working well! :smiley: