My system takes a long time to initialize

My system takes a long time to initialize. Everything looks normal but it is as if the network was not recognized, I do not see my Library, web radios do not start, that is, it does not respond. After a few minutes, maybe more than 5, everything works normally. I sent the system log,, the error is from Jun 13.
I would appreciate it if you can see it, if you need other information, let me know.

what kind of sd-card are you using? what kind of platform?

The same SD as always, I never had problems, this problem started recently.
I use Rasp 3 + Allo Boss Dac, latest version of Volumio (with the previous one I also had this problem) and several plugins: Volspotconnetc2, Simple EQ, Spotify, Squezzelite Player. In the log this should be seen.

do you have another SD-card (class10 at least) to try?

Since we are takking about sd card please recomand a good sd card for volumio.

i will try this, thanks!

there are plenty of SD-card that will work fine, just be sure to get a good brand and at least class-10 speed

If I disable the Simple Equalizer plugin, work fine. @balbuze any ideas?

Sandisk, Lexar, Samsung, all reliable and readily available.

I rule out that the problem is due to the SD, I did several tests that corroborate it.