My post vanished without explanation

Yesterday I wrote a help request in the subforum “Help”. I asked for help on why Volumio is not accepting connections on its hotspot. Today that topic has disappeared. If I go to the exact link of the post the forum server says: “topic does not exist”. Yesterday it still existed and had about 20 views.

Why has my post been removed/disappeared?

I have noticed that in the boot.log there is a error from systemctl saying that dhcpd.service fails. And manually running it fails also. Maybe there is something wrong with the volumio image on the download site?

Status from systemctl says:

Can't open /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases for append.

And the error in boot.log says disk full, cannot write to it.

Anyway, the hotspot formed does not accept connections, even though it does broadcast the network.

EDIT: moderator verified to me over PM that the post had entered into a state that required “release” before becoming public.