My Portable Hifi Player

Finally got it working, Portable Hifi Player.

Hardware and Software list:

  1. Pi3
  2. Aluminium Pi3 Case, with 2.2 Adafruit TFT screen;
  3. Pi UPS Hat, 1500Mah Battery
  4. Volumio 2.853
  5. Adafruit TFT display driver
  6. Touch Display Plugin
  7. GPIO Button Plugin

No DAC attached, headphone output. The battery can provide 3 more hours playing.


Slim and Nice!
Do you give us some more details about the case, especially regarding the buttons? DIY-cover with Display and buttons?

Looks great!

I was curious about the case and buttons too.

Also, I suppose it would be possible to attach a usb dac to this setup. If so, I have a great use case for me to build something along similar lines.

Hi guys, this Pi3 case was purchased from AliExpress, long time ago… and it’s already discontinued. But I think they have new case for Pi4.

There’re 4 buttons on the top, and 2 buttons on the right side. Looks like Adafruit 2.2 Tft.

Yes, USB Dac can be attached, and works good. The Creative Sound Blaster can used as a USB Dac if it’s connected Pi3 with USB cable.

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