My music player project – Quarantine 19 (started during my quarantine…)

Main Hardware:

    • Raspberry Pi 4
    • 3.5 HDD with 2 TByte Music
    • 20X4 LCD display
    • HDMI 320X480 display
    • 2X 12 LEDS Array with I2C driver circuit
    • I2S 192 Sabre es9023 Internal DAC
    • DIY Linear PSU for Pi
    • 2 regular switchable psu for hdmi display and hdd
    • IR control and Remote



Really nice installation, mines still sat nailed to a piece of wood on my AV receiver lol


really, really nice! well done!

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Wow, just wow. Looks professional.

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This is one of the best setups I have ever seen. Very nice!
Could you please share some photos from the inside?
The front panel is custom made I guess. CNC?

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Thanks , I will upload some more photos.
The inside is a little messy (well it’s the backend…) yes off course the case is custom made I will add some photos of the progress

I don’t think there’s a way of making the insides look good when your using a Pi

Congrats, a very good job !!!

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Video unavailable

This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Thanks for the inside photos…well is not pretty inside but who cares :wink:
Maybe you can swap the HDD with SDD since the prices have droped. It will be more silent.
Where did you make the case? and for how much?

It looks like is made by a company, really
nice :slight_smile: what model of LCD have you used?

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off course SSD will be better, but 2TBytes…
the case is from china , I did the drills and labels at a local place, case is about 50$ plus shipment

Thanks, and hdmi display!

very well done :ok_hand: it will certainly have taken a few hours.

question: can you explain how you installed the Quarantine Player Volumio plugin?

Very nice player! It is looking pretty good.
How much it cost you to build this entire player?

I wrote this plugin myself with the Volumio dev api in python and java script


honestly , I didn’t make a precise calculation , but it’s not cheep and spend I lot of time. did it mostly for fun. I guess something around 400$

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If I buy same screens and leds, make the same configurations and install the plugin I will have the same results?