My finished Streamer using Volumio

Just finished my Streamer. Raspberry Pi4B, ALLO Digione Signature, two Linear Power supplies with Toroidal transformers, built-in Trigger Relay. 16500 FLAC files on internal USB Stick. Used a MicroPC enclosure and added a stained OAK front. Connected to my Emotiva amplifier Coax input. Sounds just great!


That is one of the nicest I’ve seen, congrats!

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Thank you very much!

That looks Mega

Thank you very much!

would you happen to have a parts list? I’ve been wanting to build something like this, but having a hard time finding parts, especially for the power supplies for the US voltages. Looks beautiful!

Tried to upload a PDF for you but it can’t be done here. Please PM me and I shall respond.