Music library one click with only one source

At this moment, when i add my NAS as source for my music library and i go to the library i have to choose the path “Music Library>NAS>NASname>all my music”
It would be more convenient if i can browse to “Music Library>all my music”.
I understand that when i have more than one source this can not be done, but i suggest that most of us have only one NAS or USB drive attached to the Volumio player.
So, my suggestion is to build in some intelligence that senses that there is only one source and then shortens the path.
It is not a big deal, but it would make this great software even greater. :wink:

I would also like to promote the library shortcut idea, my path is even longer:

->Musiclibrary -> NAS -> ‘NASname’ -> ‘USB-HHDname’ -> audio -> whatever

This means I have 5 clicks before I even can choose a folder from within my nested music structure (and at least 7 clicks to play one of plenty folders as there are 3k+ albums)

implementing a shortcut option which just points to /audio would really be nice :slight_smile:

In any case - I’ve just upgraded from 1.55 to 2.0 and i am thrilled! TX so much for lifting volumio to a new level, you’ve delivered what you promised…

thanks for listening to our suggestions

Yours is a very good idea! We’ll see what we can do!

Possibly having something like a list of “favorite folders” could alleviate that issue similar to favorite songs and radios.

Folders could be marked as favorite within the hierarchy or - probably cheaper to make or improvise - with a plugin that allows you to configure one or more paths to important folders.

I like the way it’s done on a competing Pi distribution, where you can pin any folder to the top level. This way you see it as soon as you click on the Browse tab.