music library disapearing/ nas disconnecting

New to Volumio, but liking it.
Using a Raspberry 3b+ for Volumio 2 and connecting to a Samba (3.0) share on an Odroid C2.
After connecting and scanning the (rather big) library I can see all my music in de section “My Music”.
If I add music to my library, I press the “update” button in Volumio. The next thing I see that all information about my library is gone and the Samba share is disconnected, only coming back up after rebooting Volumio. Hereafter still all info about my music is gone.
In de documentation i can not find any info/help.
Do I use the update and/or scan button wrong?

To help you we need to see logs.
See: … oting.html

And paste the log link here.

As requested here the link to the log of my system.

Unfortunately the log is not reporting anything suspicious, so I have no solution for you today.
We are however monitoring the situation closely and trying some improvements