Multiroom settings Volumio 3.179 not working


Posted before but I cannot find my post again.

Just created a new fresh install with version 3.179 on a 3B+ and everything works just fine.
When I want to adjust the multiroom latency with another 3B+ no settings are displayed.

With an older image 3.173 it was showing these settings.

Is this something known ?

Thanks for the great work.


Yes, I have noticed a post with this issue before, probably yours :wink:
Just checked multiroom and yes, there are no settings with button “settings”

Do you get anything when you type


Same here on a rPi4, 4GB:

opening via: http://yourvolumio.local/plugin/audio_interface_multiroom

Indeed, I have the same!
In Dutch


Kunnen we met zn allen in het Nederlands verder :slight_smile:

Zou kunnen😊

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Nee, dat kunnen wij niet, dan heeft de rest van de wereld er niets aan…

No, we could not continue in Dutch, the rest of the world will not be abble to follow…

I know english is the way to go.

nederlands is ok zodra het een nederlands forum is geworden, dus niet…

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Yes, Top2000. You are absolutely right​:blush::ok_hand: