Multiroom group devices Ras pi zero w


I’m running Volumio 3 (latest update) on 3 Raspberry Pi 4GB with multiroom.
Now I just bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Took one of the micro SD cards of the 4GB Pi’s and plugged into the Zero.
After some tweaking it works. Except for this one :
When clicking in the UI on ‘group devices’ I currently can’t add the zero to my group.
It doesn’t show up in the UI.

Rebooted the Zero many times (takes ages comparing to the 4GB version :joy:) no succes.
Is it nessasary to have a clean install of the OS for this matter ?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Is Myvolumio enabled on Pi Zero ?

Ok thanks !
Turns out I had more then six multirooms activated…