Multiroom capabilities out-of-the-box?

Hello there,

I’ve set up my second instance of Volumio in a Rpi2, the first is on a Rpi1(B).

I see the two Volumio “sees each other” and the second instance got automatically the name Volumio-2.

In the web interface of either of the two instance you see on the bottom, a “Multiroom devices” where all the Volumio in the network are listed. You can select which one to command exactly like if you browse to the other instance IP.

But I did not find any other feature like sound/playlist synchronization.

By searching here in the forum I’ve noticed several threads about the multiroom feature but all of them requires additional software to setup.

The I’ve look around in the MPD/MPC configuration and I’ve see that there is a “disabled” multiroom audio interface.

My question is: what are the functionalities related to Multiroom in Volumio? Is there more than just selecting the instance to command?


And, as always, great work! I love it.


I don’t know much about the multiroom option as I have only one instance.
But my personal option would be the following.

On my phone, to play over the air, I use AirAudio
Phone needs to be rooted to work, and app isn’t free (for full version) but it did what I was looking for.

In the application, I can see every Airplay and Upnp (and more) and select them for output.
That way I control the music from my phone (Volume, track and more) straight without dealing with the interface.

So you can have 1 source ( your phone with music player) and multiple output (any airplay or upnp available on the network)

That’s my own solution, good luck

Thank you Flo for the hint.

You solution is good and indeed requires an additional sofware (AirAudio).

My question more related to Volumio itself: what can be done for Multiroom with JUST Volumio?

The possibility to select wich Volumio to command is already clear.