Multiple problems with 2.129

Last week I updated to 2.129 and have suffered multiple problems:

I’m using a Raspberry PI3B with HiFiBerry DAC.

I used to have all my music stored on a NAS drive, however, the 2.129 update cleared my mounts and reset my library to zero. When I remounted the drive, 2.129 spent several hours scanning the drive but then immediately reset the library to zero on completion.

I tried clearing all user data, even a full reset but nothing fixes this.

As I have a spare USB drive handy, I decided to try that. This was more successful but 2.129 only scans between 40%-70% of my music files before stopping.

Is there any simple way to downgrade to an older version until the issues are fixed?


Yes there is a problem with scanning.
What is the version you need waiting the fix ?