Multiple issues on rebooting Volumio 1.4 on BBB

I take it back, I guess. The entire system was playing music perfectly.
Then I clicked the ‘Turn off’ button in the web interface - and the BBB powered off.
Good enough.
But then I rebooted it - and everything was broken; it was as if the BBB had reverted to its initial state.
– There was no ethernet active. I had to edit /etc/network/interfaces and restart the network
– There was 1 line in /etc/fstab. No NFS mounts, which is what I had used. I can’t
believe this is the correct fstab. It cannot possibly work the next time around.
– My mdp index was gone. No music db index, no playlists, nothing.
And so on. This cannot be right. What is going on?
Thanks for any help. The ease of setup and music quality is great.
But this can’t be the right startup procedure. I must be dumb and missing something.

Just to add to the list, which I didn’t have time to complete before,
after shutting my BBB and rebooting (shutting down via the web interface)
– The NAS mount point was lost. I had to re-enter it.
– The display of the IP address was lost.
– As mentioned, my mpd library was gone. As were playlists.
– Rebuilding the mpd library would up with a ‘blank’ list, as others have noted,
even though I can navigate to individual files and play music, using Browse.
I’m afraid to shut down my BBB - it probably will lose all its info all over again.
To quote, “I have a bad feeling about this.”
There’s something wildly amiss here, but what?
Is anyone listening on the other end to this? You’ve got a great setup for
working with USB Dacs that others can’t match; but in all honesty, the db
and wipe-the-slate clean behavior isn’t right.

Yes, I know my music files is > 10,000 limit, which is why the library looks empty.
But the rest is still all problematic.
Why should it lose the state information about the NFS mount?
My preferences for my USB audio? And so on.
If the goal is an appliance-like, easy-to-use app, then it should at the very least return the state to
what it was like when it was shutdown.
A reboot should bring back the state before shutdown, IMHO

try a other sd card if you one laying around

how big is your current sd card?

Thanks - it’s an 8gb class 10 card (which is why I asked in another post about how to expand the fs on it - do you know?)
I’ve written 2 other 8gb cards out - it seems that the problem happens if the NAS is not accessible for
even the briefest time at boot (for whatever reason) - perhaps there is a timeout/not-wait-long-enough
business that happens?) I’ll have to capture all the startup msgs to see.
It would be Very helpful to me to have an outline of the boot sequence that volumio is using & how
it is setting up the system. The audio is exceptional.