Multiple alarms

I started the alarm with a playlist and a radiostation. Worked fine. After there is no possibiiltiy to define a running time for the alarm I tried to set a second alarm with only one short song. Both alarms started a the right time, but always with the playlist of the last entry. So I tested with one more timer and it is always the same: alarm takes the playlist from the last timer.

Is this the right thread for reporting bugs? What is to do for becoming a statement from volumio? Please let me know when I‘m wrong here.

I’m having the same issue: I set two alarms at two different times of the day

  • morning radio for the morning
  • evening radio for the evening

And at both times defined for the alarms, it always plays the last playlist defined in the alarms.

Confirmed same problem here. (Volumio V2.587 on Raspberry Pi)

Having two alarms set with different playlists, only the second alarm playlist gets selected and played on the first alarm.

Is there any report of an imminent fix please?
Thank you.

I have the same bug on my Raspberry Pi 2b+,pls fix it,thanks

Is there a solution to this problem?

The new version has the same bug,please pay more attention to that,it is a very important function to us,thank you!

The bug still on version 2.619, :unamused:

The bug still on version 2.632,please fix it,I really need that function!!!

Just fixed it. The fix will be available from next version

Thanks, Michelangelo a lot.

Thanks!!!It will be a perfact player to me