MQA on Dragonfly Red

I’m a newbie Just trying Volumio - but I am struggling to get MQA working using Tidal. I am running Volumio on an x86 base. I have a dragonfly red connected - but i cannot get it to decode at anything above 48KHz from Tidal - signified by the blue led on it . I have disabled the volume controls to no avail - it looks to me like volumio isn’t passing the MQA to the DAC to decode it. Or have I got this all wrong ? I have a Tidal account that allows MQA.

Is there any other setting I need to make ? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Is the firmware of the Dragonfly updated so it can play MQA?

Yes - if i plug it directly into a PC with windows 10 with tidal desktop app and pick an MQA from Tidal - it plays it back and the LED on the DragonFly goes purple to show it is playing back MQA Audio. I just cant get this to happen streaming using Volumio’s bultin Tidal under Vituoso Plan.

I have the same problem with Dragonfly Black and iFi nano iDSD BL.

Any succes getting MQA playback ?

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