MQA it's my problem with volumio and tidal connect

Hello community,
I would like some help. I’m trying to configure my Zen Dac V2 for MQA playback since it’s a decoder, but I’m having difficulties. My set is a Raspberry Pi 3b+ connected to the zen dac and an integrated one. I have the volumio premium plan. I’ve tried everything and I can’t play the tracks in MQA via tidal connect. Can anyone help me with this configuration?
Best regards!

I can try to help. I have the same DAC and am able to output MQA using Tidal Connect.

Do you get no sound at all from the DAC, or just no MQA? (if MQA is working correctly, the LED will be either Green or Blue)

Friend, thank you for wanting to help me. After a full day of hard work, I managed to get it set up. I simply formatted the raspberry card, reinstalled volumio and tidal connect . Everything worked as it should. Light blue!