MPD: Port / User

in version 1.4.1 i used Chimney (on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8).

In Version 1.5 Chimney could not connect to mpd anymore.

Ist Port 6600 correct ?
Is there any default passwort ?

How do i connect a mpd client to volumio ?

I have another Problem: When i add an album from usb … the album theems to be in the queue … when i click on playlist … the list doesn’t show any entry.
I had same problem in 1.4.1 … in chimney the playlist worked.




is there any news to my playlist-problem ?

Until now i can’t usw the webinterface because i can’t add songs to playlist. I tested with MPad on Ipad and Chimney on Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

I can add songs with MPD-Clients. After reload volumio webinterface and go to playlist … there is an empty list.

What can i do ?
Have anyone here same problems ?



which file types do you wanna add to your playlist?