MPD issues

Hi, Probably a dumb question to all you who understand the mysteries of linux!
I used XLD to rip my CD’s, without modifying any settings. Once on my USB external drive, I connect to the PI and through the interface look at the music. Some albums are split, so a compilation is split into the various artists, some albums have artwork, some don’t, some appear in artist and not album

I also have files that are flac, aiff and DXD I’ve downloaded. I didn’t put them through XLD, just copied them to the drive. They also suffer from no Artwork at times, in some cases I can find them from artist, but not in album and so on.

I have scrubbed the 8Gb drive with Volumio and reloaded, and, some of the files appear ok that previously weren’t appearing properly

Any thoughts?

I don’t believe MPD updates automagically (intended typo :wink:), therefore you need to manually re-scan your drive using the webUI or the MPD command.

As for artists previously not appearing, did you use another version of Volumio? Because the 2.0xx images have a new version of MPD, which has some artwork and tag fixes. There may still be some bugs/issues present in build 19 of MPD, these will probably be addressed by the MPD-team in the future. After which a new version can be installed on new images of Volumio.

I had issue the music files in my flash drive not appearing on the library even I had rescan and update. Any suggestion ? The drive is FAT