mpd.conf - upsample only for 16 bit

Hi all, I’m an old user of Volumio and very happy with it, but never post anything here yet :wink:. But things are getting changed - I’m going to run ahead and now building new home audio solution. It’s based on Volumio2 and Rpi3 in slave mode connected via I2S isolator ( self made ) to ES9018 via I2S.
Everything is working fine except one known issue - minimum sample rate for ES9018 via I2S is 24 bit.
I was trying to use ‘format’ option in mpd.conf ( alsa section ) for set up 24 bit output format and it works fine so now I have no issues with 16 bit.
But I also would like to pass to output DSD and, I’m afraid, ALSA will try to modify stream according to format rule.
So now the question itself - is it possible to configure somehow to give an instruction for upsampling only for 16 bit stream and leave all others as is ?

Thank you !