More sorting options.

Users should be able to sort music any way they want (by artist, album artist, year, genre…) in the album and artist views.

My preferred order would be album artist, year, album. This way one could see all band X albums in the order they were released. If several releases are from the same year then sort them alphabetically.

Another example: currently I have lots of X feat. Y artists which is kinda annoying. If artists were album artists instead of artists this would be fixed. Also helps with various artists…

sorting AND filtering options, eg by star rating


As of now the Genre sorts to Artists when drilling down

There should be an option to change to:

Genre -> Album artist -> Album -> Title

Also, it should be possible to have Albums sorted by year:

Album / Album artist / Year

Instead of alphabetically

(Okay…that was a repeat of eetua96…but doesn’t make it less valid!)

New user here – this is feature would be wonderful. Thanks to the developers.

:smiley: +1, very good extra feature!

Has this feature been added? Seems like a no brainer.

A star rating system along with ‘Smart Playlist’ functionality would be immensely useful.


+1 for customizing sort order.

My preferred option would be to sort by folder structure, as this gives the greatest degree of control.

Thanks for your great work. Truly appreciated!

i am testing last few days for myself volumio on sparky allo usbridge with audioquest dragonfly Cobalt playing from Synology NAS.
Most important is that sound is quite good to my ear.

My music is all tagged and very organized but in Volumio there is cover image not showing for all files and sometimes files inside album not sorted by track number (less important for me), but there is also not able to sort by artist and then by -year-album (more important for me), so i am also supporting this initiative for sorting and also when scrolling artist to be able to jump to any letter, that would be great.

One more thing for me is i noticed that in genre there is no unknown genre for the albums i have not listened to yet and therefore not given the genre tag

Since i am new to volumio maybe i am missing something and these features already exists?
best regards

+1 for this one.

Just installed Volumio on my RP3. Great software. Sorting options needs improvement.