More indexing issues

Hi all,
I have read a few issue with indexing, but can’t realy understand what the critera is for successful (ie. scanns everything, doesn’t crash) indexing.

Scanning (indexing) stops at 58573 songs , 14738 albums, 9318 artists, every time, no matter what SD card, what hookup I use, the disk has another 20000approx songs, but volumio wont go beyond those figures when indexing, the little arrows keeps spinning as if it was still indexing, but nothing happens, for days… any clues?

shure there might be a corrupt mp3 somewhare or album art that isn’t kosher, but index it, and move on I would assume, and then let me experiance the screw up the day I want to play the corupted file, or even better, skip the offending file, move on and then list them all for me.

Now im stuck not able to play a good quarter of my library… any help would be most welcome.

many thanks

You need to supply some details … device, Volumio version? You could also post a link to a system log (first reboot & leave it indexing until it fails).

Sorry, a bit new to the whole thing.

running on pi 3 B+
Volumio 2.323

many thanks for your help

here is another log,
same setup only NAS now hooked up via NFS. seemed no difference