Moiving playlist folder to an openmediavault NAS

I have been successfully using Volumio with an OpenMediaVault NAS for several months now.
The other day we had a blackout due to a thunderstorm and when power came back I found that the SD Card on the Volumio PI2 was corrupted.
I had a backup of the SD Card but not with the Playlists I had created.

I would like to move the playlist folder to the OpenMediaVault NAS but haven’t come up with the correct entry in the mpd.conf on the PI2 setup.
I automatically backup the NAS server to another NAS on a daily basis.

I created a new folder on the OpenMediaVault NAS in the root called Playlist.
I believe I correctly gave it the correct permission set (777).

I have modest Linux skills but decades of IT experience.

My NAS mount in Volumio is /NAS/UDOOSSD

The entry I placed in the mpd.conf file is as follows:
playlist_directory “/mnt/NAS/UDOOSSD/Playlists”
I commented out the original entry.

When I can perform the Save playlist function in Volumio is completes without error but the playlist never gets added to the browse tab.
Additionally, with the recreated setup the library tab doesn’t populate with library info. It just a continuous spinning arrow.
Previously it worked fine after reducing the main music repository to just under 10K.

I would truly appreciate any insight someone may have as to the issue with the playlist and library function.
Thanks in advance

Maybe I don’t understand but in what you describe it is not written that you have modified your fstab :
on a linux system, if you just create a folder ( /mnt/NAS/UDOOSSD) it is created on your local disk. If you want to use a remote directory, you have to mount it. This can be done by modifying /etc/fstab and adding the path (this a exemple)   /mnt/NAS/UDOOSSD      nfs     default$

Of course, replace the path, fs type, etc to match with your need.
Please have search the web for help about fstab. :wink:


Thanks for the reply.
I thought that since the Playlists folder was in the Music folder already mounted by Volumio that I should be able to access it without much issue.
I realized later that the filesystem was mounted RO. But only realized that after digging into the fstab and other as suggested.
I will do some more reviewing to come up with a resolution. I may ask a few more questions though.