Mixer Type keeps resetting


I have just set up Volumio and leave it running 24/7 on a Pi4, with a Topping E30 via USB, I set my Mixer Type to ‘None’ as I have a pre-amp to control the volume. But when I turn the DAC off and back on, the mixer type resets to ‘Hardware’ every time. Is their anyway to have it stay as ‘None’ without having to keep the DAC on 24/7 as well?

I have a feeling this keeps resetting, as the DAC is ‘disconnected’ and ‘reconnects’ to volumio, which picks it up as a new device every time? (I’m assuming here) And that defaults it to ‘Hardware’ Mixer type.

I think your feeling is correct, but how you make it persistent ?? Sorry, for not having ideas … surprised actually that I’ve not seen this problem reported previously. Did you do a forum search?

Could it not be stored as a permanent value in the settings/config perhaps??
I have tried searching around, but not found any mentions of this issue, I’m assuming most people stick with ‘Hardware’ as their Mixer Type

Update: I’ve tried setting it manually to ‘none’ in the mpb config and the template, but it still seems to be overridden to ‘hardware’ when the DAC is turned off and on.