Mconnect with Volumio hardware

I am a superstar subscriber who wants to be a believer but the last several versions of the software have really screwed up my user experience and in particular with Qobuz.

Bringing up Qobuz songs, playlists, albums has become an exercise in futility often taking 2 to 3 minutes with each click. Then you get frustrated and click again and finally it all catches up but gets all screwed up and just a wants to stop. When you finally get it going then it seems to move along pretty well. Although Qobuz label fails to show.

I have two instances of Volumio. One a pi3b and the other a pi4 both with the same audiophinics 9028 Dac. . Both are wired with very strong internet connectivity.

As I said earlier this did not happen before the latest releases which were supposed to improve things. It was perfect before. Songs loaded instantly.

Then I tried mConnect with Volumio as as an endpoint and it’s perfect. MConnect also let’s me alter Qobuz playlists.

I want to stay with Volumio but if this continues could I just use Volumio as an endpoint and dump the software and still play Qobuz through the the Volumio hardware?