Max tracks number in volumio library?

Good evening, what’s the maximum number of tracks that I can manage in Volumio library?

There is not a limit imposed by Volumio, which uses ‘Mpd’ to index your audio tracks.

Have a read here …

I have seen complaints though by people with very large libraries that in use it can become rather cumbersome. This will probably be more noticeable on lower spec hardware.

ok, thanks
Do you think that i could manage a 70.000 tracks library with a “poor” RaspPi3? :grimacing:

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I have around 30k tracks on a RasPi3, I don’t get any problems unless I try to create massive queues then it slows down to a snails pace

There is max queue size, that can be changed, in mpd.conf. My library is currently ~15100 tracks and no problems at player side. I even can add all to queue and play them. I actually frequently do this and play tracks in random order. But I don’t use Pi, I’m on Asus Tinker board 1 (non-S).

With big libraries, UI-s may have harder time than player itself. I use Volumio official app on android phone. And Chromium on linux PC. Recently I discovered on desktop that firefox has much better performance with Volumio UI than chromium. After this discovery I tried same on my phone and firefox performs also better than Volumio official app, which itself uses webview(chromium/chrome). What is that better performance? Firefox loads album art much faster and overal UI performance is much smoother and more responsive. So with big library it may be useful to try different browsers.

thanks everyone, i’ll try to load the library than.
And if it becomes unusable may be i’ll decide to use a much more performing hardware… some kind of mini pc with an intel cpu.

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