Mamboberry LS+ Not Fully Compatible.

This card does not appear to be supported in Volumio. I get sound if I select “Mamboberry Hi Fi DAC +”, but it doesn’t sound quite right and chokes on high res files.

High res files play fine in Moode which has an option of Mamboberry LS+.

I still like the Volumio interface and performance better. When will the Mamboberry LS+ be added to Volumio?

Not trying to overpost about this issue, but I didn’t get any responses in the help section. I prefer Volumio, but I am currently being forced to use Moode because Volumio does not support the new Mamboberry LS+. There is sound if the Mamboberry HiFi+ is selected, but Hi res files stop and start which would indicate that the card is not being properly driven. 16/44.1 files play fine, but sound “off” in some way compared to Moode which actually has the Mamboberry LS+ as an option.

i was hopefully asking for this feature too:


Hi Jay,

i’m wondering, of these circumstances too.
The Mamboberry was since September 3. 2016 here.
but still not really supported on Volumio.
The allo Boss is still not really out but already supported.
But i know we all do a great job here.
sometimes, something take time and i have to be in patience :wink:
Hopefully, jens


First: please do not open 2 threads for the same thing.

The mamboberry LS+ is fully supported since the beginning, what you have is that the name on the i2s selector is slightly different (but it indeed says Mamboberry, we’re going to change it anyway).
If it sounds off it might be because of your settings: as this DAC does not have hardware volume control, you might want to disable software volume by setting it to none. This way you will have the best SQ possible: … ality.html

UPDATE: Name changed … 6c7b98cecf

That’s great! Many thanks for fast implementation.
for me, fully supported means also the right DAC name entry.
so that was confusing. thanks again.

If the name being wrong was the only issue I would not have bothered opening any threads. The main issue is that I cannot play hi res files at all. I have the volume set to disabled and the mixer set to none. Standard res FLAC files sound very flat in Volumio on this card only, but sound “normal” in Moode.

Will try setting Moode for the Mamboberry HiFi+ to see if that causes hi res files not to play. I will also try setting the I2S type to “hifiberry dac” since that is the work around for my card in Kodi.

I feel like the difference between the two Mamboberry cards is more than name deep, but it will take more testing to prove it.

Here is what I found. Moode played the DSD hi res file with the I2S device set to Mamboberry HiFi+, Mamboberry LS+, and Generic(Hi Fi Berry).

Volumio would not play the files without major glitches no matter what I set the I2S device to. I also tried just playing the files through HDMI. Same glitches. I’m going to say that the new Mamboberry card was never the issue. Volumio just lost the ability to play those files somewhere between 2.114 and 2.118. Sigh.