Make Artist and Album clickable in GUI and add option to save as favorite (in streaming service)


it would be great to be able to click on the Artist name or cover and get to the respective Artist page or Album view from the music service where you listen at the moment.


I want to push this request. Am I really the only one who would like an easy way to go to the whole Album or Artist when you like a song? I think that would be an important usability improvement

Just click on the three small dots in near the album art in the playback window :wink:

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oh damn, how could I miss this? Hahaha…thanks

I bring it up once more: when going to the Album or Artist page I still miss the possibility to add it as favorite!

On the album page I can only add it to queue or playlist, not mark it as favorite (workaround: go to artist page and add album as favorite).

On the artist page I can not mark the artist as favorite too…

so still some usability issues here…

Sorry for another bump. Its just bugging me and somehow I can´t believe no one else has the same issue. Maybe I was just not clear with the description, so this time with screenshots :-).

When clicking on the 3 dots I can go to the Album or the Artist page, as pointed out by @balbuze

But there is no possibility to save it as favorite there.

“Go to Album” view only allows “Artist story”, “add to playlist” and “Add to queue”.

'Go to Artist" view only allows “Add to queue”.

If you listen to an album, find that you like it you have to search for it again (or as workaround click it in the artist view) in order to mark it as favorite. Same if you want to mark an artist as favorite when you listen to a song (here I don´t see a workaround). Of course just a usability issue, but for me quite annoying as I do this constantly when discovering new music…
I want to have it saved as Qobuz favorite if that makes a difference :slight_smile:


By clicking the heart?..

Only saves the current song as favorite unfortunately…no hearts in album or artist view…

Its a feature that has been requested for a long time now and has not been implemented.

Work around :—
Clear play list
Find your album and add to play list.
Save playlist with the name of the album.

A bit of a clunky way of doing it, but it kind of works

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Thanks! Good to know I´m not the only one. Maybe I used the wrong search terms, cause I did not find other threads about this.

I think it is a little bit strange, because the functionality is already there, so your workaround is not really needed.
You always have to go up just one level above. For example when you go to the artist view you can mark an album as favorite (the heart appears beneath the 3 dots during mouseover):

It is just completely unintuitive and it does not work for saving Artists as favorite, here you have to search for the artist to be able to do so…

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Hmmm… This is not the behavior I get, The heart only comes up for individual tracks and not albums. But then again I am a couple of revisions behind, maybe something new in the latest version. ( Time to find a blank SD card and try it )

How does it work for touch screen devices, as you can’t hover your finger lol. Is there an option in the 3 dots menu to add the album to favourites.

You are right. It does not work on touchscreen devices. Just tried it using the Android App.

Ive just tried the latest version 3.378 for RPI, I still dont see the “heart” on albums only on individual tracks.
Even tried using Manifest, contempory and classic layout

Just as a matter of interest, what version are you using and on what platform?

Add albums to favorites would be great with out all the messing around creating separate playlists

Im on 3.378 on RPI too.

And yes, would be great. Sort of an essential feature for me…