lots of drops with usb audio card

Hey , i am very new here, so sorry if questions sound silly. I am using pi B with usb sound card to pass through via optical cable to my dac. Unfortunately there are lots of drops regardless of the settings. Airplay as well as radio have tge same issues. I tested tge same card with my mac and it works well. Any ideas how could i sort it out?

I am using this sound card:


Take this with a grain of salt, I haven’t even installed (just downloaded) Volumio yet. In my reading over the weekend, I came across a lot of snide comments about the RPi’s USB connection. I’m going to test tonight on a Pi that’s earmarked for this purpose using the built in audio device. I don’t have a USB DAC right now.

My plan is to buy a HiFiBerry DAC (hifiberry.com/dac) and use that. The test of Volumio tonight is a proof of concept and to see if I like the interface and to avoid having two learning curves at once.

I guess I’d test using the built in audio device.

Good luck. If you’d like, I’ll follow up after tonight’s test.


For what it’s worth, I’ve been running through the Pi’s analog out for a few hours now without a glitch. The only issue I had was when I had a monitor plugged into the HDMI port, Volumio would default to the HDMI, which had no audio. It took me a while to discover that. sudo amixer cset numid=3 1 put things right.

I don’t suppose this helps at all. Sorry.