Loosing mount, Volumio crashes.. can't access pages - HELP!!

Hi All,

I’m posting on here as a last resort before I throw it in the bin. I’ve posted a couple of things before here but no body ever replies!

Rasberry Pi B+

The mount is on the same network, and is a WIN7 Fileshare

I can set it up and it all works, and has been for 3 weeks now.

However the share keeps dropping every time I go to use it. Now it’s got MUCH worse. If I try and delete the mount, nothing happens, If I ssh into it it says the mount is not there. Once that happens, it will only let me look at the MAIN and CREDITS menu.

If I reset or change anything, once again the MAIN and CREDITS menu are available - everything else is error 404.

It won’t respond to a restart - if I try that from the menu, once again the MAIN and CREDITS menu are available - everything else is error 404.

I’ve rebooted from SSH, I’ve repowered it many times again the same thing!!

HELP before it goes in the BIN or on ebay. Thank you!!

It actually would have been far less hassle if I bought a cheap laptop and used windows media player…

I don’t know why your connection is dropping, but for the problem of the access in the webUI, I think it’s because the db (the file where the Volumio configuration is stored) is corrupted.
To correct it, you can try this : https://volumio.org/forum/unable-add-modify-remove-mounts-using-webui-t2831-10.html

Thankyou - I’ll use that in the future - I rflashed twice before it would work properly.!!

I’ve given up.

This is so unreliable, there is very little support available (Thanks to anyone who has replied so far). I have all wired connections, everything is on the same segment… It all works OK streaming Planet Rock radio stream, then after a few hours I choose to play a song via my share (windows 7) then it all goes wrong. I can only restart via SSH or the on/off button. Then it wont connect. Then I have to restart the server. Then it will attach and rescan.

My last ditch attempt is to put everything on a large memory stick, but I’m not confident that it would work at all.

Again thanks to those who took the time to reply all one of you!

Truly awful.