Looking for Power Supply And Case Suggestions

I finished my first Volumio project, phase 1 that is, and now I want to move on to phase 2 by adding a proper power supply and package it all in a nice case. The setup is a RPi 3 B+ with an Allo Boss DAC and is currently being powered with an external battery and the output goes into the preamp on my sound system. So I’m looking for a clean power supply to power only the the RPi and DAC.

  • Can any one point me to a parts list and schematic so I can make a power supply, or maybe one that’s already to go, that’s suitable for my setup?
  • Any suggestion for a nice case I can put this all into? I have seen some really nice ones posted to this forum but I don’t know where to get any of those cases.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Are you suggesting the sigma 22 you pointed to or the website in general?

Power supply - ifi ipower 5V

Case - try this audiophonics.fr/en/diy-encl … -6336.html

The Sigma dedicated PSU.

See this video from Hans Beekhuyzen for some interesting candidates and info


Will an aluminum case interfere with the WiFi signal?


as far as power supplies are concerned, I am using the ones built by a friend of mine…

take a look at the following site !: